Teflon Beast

Himbert & Herbert/Golden Arrow Holy Face – ‘It’s Happening!’ split cassette $7
The third cassette released by Teflon Beast Records is a split album bringing together the synthetic and the natural. TBR is also riffing on a little known Supremes/Neil Diamond album of the same name and similar artwork. On one side of the cassette, pop worshippers Himbert & Herbert revel in melodies and electronic beats. Vocalist Keegan Kinney recalls 60s girl group tones while the production combines modern synths and dance beats to create a wholly unique work of art that never trades on nostalgia. The flipside of the tape contains modern folk music courtesy of Houston’s Golden Arrow Holy Face. His intricately fingerpicked acoustic songs live out of time – out of this world. They’re rich lyrics and layered sonic landscapes will reward upon repeated listens. Limited edition of 25 cassettes.

VARIOUS ARTISTS – ‘Christmas with the Beast‘ cassette $7
Ending the year with a multi-artist eccentric holiday compilation, Teflon Beast Records celebrates Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day on Christmas with the Beast. The lead-off single and opening track is Chris Daily’s “Thanksgiving (It’s Not Christmas). This is a full-on ode to Phil Spector’s classic Christmas album complete with Daily’s own “wall of sound.” Other highlights include a noise collage from Gary Busdriver, a spooky cover of “O Christmas Tree” by Golden Arrow Holy Face, and a Swedish themed end of the year jam from Himbert & Herbert. The second side of this tape compiles five years of whimsical Christmas rock from Austin’s The Daily Brothers. Limited edition of 25 cassettes.


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