Robert & Leopold

York Factory Complaint – Sufferings’ 3”CDr $4(USA)/$5(WORLD)
Initially recorded during the sessions with engineer Kris Lapke for their full length debut album on Dais Records, this solo composition was edited for it’s own inclusion then promptly dismissed. Only fitting within itself, Sufferings had no other to join hands. Considered aptly as a full length preview or amputated as a diseased limb, this small offering is one’s own glimpse into what is to come. Edition of 50.

York Factory Complaint – ‘Live Document ’09- ’10’ C40 $7(USA)/$9(WORLD)
A display of select live performances that document the evolution and destruction which compromises York Factory Complaint.  First side is a complete live show featuring the original two piece line up with a guest member appearance by artist Genesis Breyer P-Orridge on treated violin, flooding the audience with abrasive repetition and apparent desperation.  Complimenting this is two additional recordings, first being a early performance in the band’s infancy with guest appearances by Cory Card and Louis Caldarola.  Directly afterwards is a more recent recording highlighting the band as they are now know in their current form performing to a confused audience at the seminal New Musuem in New York City during the painful summer of 2010. History should never be repeated. Edition of 110.

Exhumed Corpse – ‘Mortem Obire’  C50 $7(USA )/$9(WORLD)
Edition of 75. Corrosive lo-fi dark ambient by Michigan noise mainstay Sam Wagner, Exhumed Corpse is a wallowing retreat from his solo works as Dour and Tightrope.  Having a wide spread of releases in bands such as Bluebird (alongside Aaron Dilloway), Gridlock’d (with Pleasure Dome’s Thom Elliott), and Black Onyx to name a few, Wagner’s Exhumed Corpse project has been a self-sustaining staple of his own With Intent Records as well as madness released through Hanson Records, Hermitage, Fag Tapes and FM Tapes.  Counter-industrial with a primitive sway that always seethes through the ground.


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