Faux Pas

FAX 028: Noise Nomads – ‘Menacing Bells’ C30 $6(USA)/$8(WORLD)
The swamp hag lifts himself out of the mire for another screeching, swirling onslaught of harsh owl howl, bowls and sticks turned into tools of oppression. Is that the door? Is it…? Edition of 100.

FAX 029: Laura Warholic – ‘what comes before the word??’ C26 $6(USA)/$8(WORLD)
Laura Warholic, AKA Merv Glisten (one half of gloom-pop dynamo, Angels in America), brings us a bizarre, otherworldly dictation of click-clack static, sickly ditties, and cautionary spoken word. Recorded over the course of two years, and with landmark results, I am incredibly proud to be releasing this thoughtful and captivating collection of songs. Edition of 50.


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