Dominique Leone

Dominique Leone – ‘Winter EP’
The Winter EP is out on France’s Upcode Records, a new label from Vincent Thierion of DAT Politics.  It features two new tracks, and two remixes by Vincent (aka MARKLION) and the great Max Tundra!

Dominique Leone – ‘Les Noces’
A revolutionary new recording of the classic Igor Stravinsky work, drawing from the world of eerie, pitch-shifted electro-pop a la The Knife and Bjork, the overdriven noise-splendor of Boredoms and Zach Hill, and sounds that could only have been made by Dominique. Enlisting pianists Regina Schaffer (Terry Riley) and Kanoko Nishi (Fred Frith), Dominique tackles Les noces’ four solo vocal parts and 30-member choir all on his own, adding big drums and stuff from the original score.


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