[061] ANDREW PEKLER – ‘Sentimental Favourites’ LP
Pekler is a member of Groupshow (with Jan Jelinek and Hanno Leichtmann) and has “compiled and assembled” the latest Ursula Bogner album. His previous albums came out on Kranky, Staubgold, Scape and Schoolmap. Sentimental Favourites is an Easy Listening tribute reminiscent of Tom Recchion and the Ghost Box label. There is a special limited edition of 50 copies with individual handmade collage covers only available directly from us. SAMPLE

[060] ENSEMBLE ECONOMIQUE – ‘Crossing The Pass, By Torchlight’ LP
Amazing new album by Brian Pyle’s Ensemble Economique (his previous releases came out on Not Not Fun, Amish and Digitalis). Pyle is a member of Starving Weirdos and RV Painting. Almost sold out from the source. SAMPLE

[059] DANIEL PADDEN – ‘Ship Chop’ LP
A collage of Padden’s favourite music from the more obscure places of the globe. Daniel Padden is a member of Volcano The Bear and The One Ensemble. Strictly limited edition of 300 copies. SAMPLE


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