Sloow Tapes

Simon Vinkenoog – ‘Kunst Is De Liefde In Elke Daad’ C60
Official reissue of a cassette recorded in Antwerp and originally released by De Goddaert in 1984. Simon Vinkenoog (1929-2009) was a Dutch poet, social critic and literary innovator, a key figure in the international poetry underground of the 1950s and onwards. He participated in the legendary International Poetry Reading at the Royal Albert Hall in London, One World Poetry (Amsterdam), Poetry International (Rotterdam) and dozens of others literary showcases. With Jules Deelder & Johnny Van Doorn he introduced poetry as high performance to the Lowlands. Influenced by the Beats, psychedelic experiences (he took part in LSD experiments in the late fifties/early sixties), the philosophy of non-violence and the mystic tradition, he was involved with hundreds of titles and translated works by Allen Ginsberg, Timothy Leary, Aldous Huxley, Carlos Castaneda, Antonin Artaud et al into Dutch. On this cassette, Vinkenoog’s readings (in Dutch) are accompanied by Louise Landes Levi, a founding member of The Floating Lotus Magic Company, the first fusion orchestra in the USA. She went on to study Indian music, was part of the Dreamweapon diaspora and worked with both Angus MacLise and Ira Cohen, its major proponents. Front cover by Eddie Woods. Edition of 100 copies.

Ralph White – ‘The Hanged Man’ C40
Ralph White’s home-made Americana internalizes old folk, proto-blues and country music into meditative, psychedelic textures transcended by a high-lonesome drawl. Drone-like banjo, reminiscent of Dock Bogg’s, fiddle, button accordion and African kalimba. Edition of 100 copies.

April In The Orange – ‘When a River Meets The Sea’ C40
This is pure psychfolk nectar reflecting its alchemical light on sunbeams floating home! April In The Orange drift in and out hypnotic meditative passages of dreamtime magic, ageless folksongs with soft male/female vocals and drugged drones reverberating in diamond inner circles. Edition of 100 copies.


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