R.C. Legacy

BRONZE FLOAT – ‘Meridian’
Meridian Street bisects David Brant’s hometown of Indianapolis, cutting the city in half and representing visually the region’s complex split personality: part cornfield monotony, race cars and Mellencamp; part Vonnegut, Dillinger, and the Zero Boys. When you are young, a street that splits your city directly in half is useful for direction home when you have wandered too far.  Recently relocated to Philadelphia, Bronze Float presents Meridian, an extended meditation on childhood memories: loving where you are from but knowing you must leave. The album owes its analog warmth and beautiful sense of order to Justin Vollmar, who produced and, along with brother Nathan on drums, served as Bronze Float’s nimble rhythm section. Since 2007, Bronze Float has shared bills with Kurt Vile, Deer Tick, Mt. Eerie, Dark Dark Dark, and Adrian Orange, among many others. Bronze Float will be supporting Meridian with live dates in the Midwest and East Coast this fall.


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