Moon Glyph

Buffalo Moon – ‘Selva Surreal’ LP/CD $12
In 2010, Buffalo Moon brought you “Wetsuit,” their debut release that made everybody want to go to the beach and get drunk and fall in love. More than a year later — after a stop at the gorgeous melodic shores of the “Black Magic/Low Tide Moon,” 7″ — the Buffalo are leading you away from the coastline, waving a pennant that reads Bienvenido a la Selva. If “Wetsuit” was playing love games in the sand, “Selva Surreal” (Surreal Jungle)— the new LP we are proud to release on Moon Glyph— is five young pranksters splashing euphonious paint in the Rainforest, trading in their cool blues for deep velvet and crimson. Fires are blazing. Cannons are blasting. Machine guns are pounding. And that’s just in the first single, “Chica de Luna”. “Salt in my Mouth” and “Amores Perros,” take you back to those sandy beaches but with tighter craftsmanship and more sophisticated swagger. “Raspberry Sorbet” and “Moses Baby” consult sexophone aficionado Michael Lewis to accomplish their schmoozy bedroom peccadillos. Indeed, in these hallucinatory wetlands, genre shifts hit you like catapulted coconuts, but if you can duck all the madness and sonic booby traps, you find the album for what it is: a feral portrait of a Blakean Innocence expiring before our ears. The Kids of Irony are alright, America, they’re just entering the Jungles of Experience. And it’s wild out there. Ed. of 500.


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