Monstres par Excès

Caligine/余益裔 – ‘Verbi e Riverberi’
soft poly box, white c60, color tape stickers, 20 copies. In the cold plains of Shandong, Caligine compile a short diary about tape hiss and winter holidays: a found steel guitar slightly out of tune, twanging and rusty. The empty stones in the Kong Mansion, red leaves rustling. A radio chanting far away. The rain on the pier, westwards. On the other side, 余益裔 weaves together fragments of displaced field recordings, folk reverbs, subdued white noise and solitary bass, an aural cartography of a place dreamt by someone unknown.

Female Edition/Reazione Suina split
soft poly box, transparent c60, etching, 20 copies. All hail the new wave of italian grassroots noise. Female Edition builds up a crescendo from recursive guitar arpeggios and overlapping drones to sunken distortions and convulse picking. Reazione Suina complements the mood with a funereal swathe of churning feedback and soaring hainesque guitars. Temple music for a suburban ritual.

Istituzioni Ambienti Naturalismo + 洪启乐 – ‘Disgiunzione #1’
plastic sleeve, cdr, 20 copies. The new Disgiunzioni series hopes to encourage cross-boundary cooperation through productive disjunctions. Musicians are required to improvise together without overdubs or excessive planning, trying to explore the differential space between each other’s sound. Here our very own Istituzioni Ambienti Naturalismo provides some shimmering drone architectures and acoustic guitar tinkering that 洪启乐 demolishes  through a counterpoint  of violent turntable manipulation and contact microphone feedback.

Istituzioni Ambienti Naturalismo + Thursday Club – ‘Disgiunzione #2’
plastic sleeve, cdr, 20 copies.  This second volume in the Disgiunzioni series sees the viscous walls of noise of Cleveland’s very own Thursday Club collide with the junk samples and glassy drones by Istituzioni Ambienti Naturalismo. It’s a play of resonances and accumulation, overflowing with static. A study about the growth of the interstices between frequencies that phase out each other, as the surge of saturation reconfigures itself endlessly.

Venta Protesix – ‘Sensual Prostate Massage’
white dvd case, spraypainted cdr, 20 copies. We do have a penchant for harsh noise japonisme, but we like it even more when it crosses the boundary of mere repetition and it becomes the  deconstruction of an imagined genre, the vomit after cultural predation, the optic clash of stereotype excess. Which is roughly why we loved this short burst of pink granules that manages to invoke the spirit of Masonna through laptop worship, glitches, bitcrushed hiss and digital clip. Time to get a high-frequency fix.


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