#9 ARV & MILJÖ – ‘Förändringens Frö’ C30 €4.5
Emerging from the Gothenburg underground this noise act has developed into one of the most promising and interesting acts around. With high integrity Arv & Miljö creates primitive industrial noise without falling into the artistic clichés of the genre. The sound is getting more and more refined and the musical expression shows a steady and impressive progression. 100 copies.

#8 IRON PILLAR – ‘Whipping Post’ C30 €4.5
Whipping Post is the first release from this wicked and nasty Swedish act. With a naive and unpolished sound this one-man crusade delivers hateful power electronics. The recording is diveded into four seperated pieces, each owing its own character. Moving from minimal feedback and screamed vocals to a more layered, powerful sound. 100 copies.


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