Full of Nothing

Polypus Acephalous – ‘The Outcast Tribes’ cassette
I’ve no words to describe what a twisted mind could create this beast and let it out into the world. Get ready for some freakish gamelan, then Inuit disco musik – later radio hum will wash over them messy folk tunes. Trolls run around with bonfires setting fire to structures. Plants scare birds. You say hi to a tree and notice mushrooms staring at you. Good heavens, what’s happening up there in Southern Russia? Don’t ever let your children alone in the woods. Clay monster burns his face, the party goes on. Black tapes with full-colour J-cards and stickers. Edition of 100.

prayer/Nathan McLaughlin – ‘Dawn Chorus’ split cassette
“There is a natural progression to things, an organic or unforced way for an organism to grow, and it is in this natural way we find ourselves riding. After years of playing and recording together as Loud & Sad, we now have a great geographic distance between us that makes this process impossible on any sort of regular schedule. While there is still much to share from those years and the years ahead, the dawn chorus tape you hold here is the first new organism to grow out of this whale fall… the slow change in Loud & Sad that signaled the start of new lives. An almost collaboration on a shared concept… a sharing of life together despite distance… a continued exploration of music done together and apart… a realization of the connections people have and should not sever… an effort at being transparent in concept and true in spirit. Immediately after this split was brought to life it became apparent early on that our past failures to bring a well devised concept into the physical realm could come back to us again. Instrument restrictions, graphic scores,stylization… we scurried back to our dark corners. Stress and mania and alcohol, locked doors, a yearning for the tape deck upstairs. Tape going bad and breaking, saturday clarity, hero worship. Synthesis exhaustion, cynical music critiques, restraining the self importance. Transparent presentation… here lies dawn chorus.” Black tapes, see-through J-cards, hand-numbered. Edition of 100.

M. Geddes Gengras – ‘Rebirth Los Angeles’ cassette
With a beard like a flying carpet this American aural traveler is known far and wide. Besides numerous recordings under his own name and with Antique Brothers, there are slabs of Robedoor/Pocahaunted goodness with his drumming, appearances in L.A. Vampires and Warm Climate, killer DJ sets as 1/2 of Where’s Yr Child team… My god there are always a few more names to drop! L.A.’s one and only, MGG presents a couple of gently floating electronic pieces here: shooting deep, reaching even further. Thoughtful reflections on humanity’s high hopes. Melancholic futuristic synthesizers slice the air thin. New age is coming. L.A., rebirth now! Stencil-painted textured J-cards, all signed and numbered by hand, spray-painted cassettes. Edition of 100.

Suburban Howl – ‘Lady Hate’ cassette
Cellos made out of goat skulls await for the right hour to come while a devilish Amazon gives orders to her slaves. A crowd of gnomes commit mass suicide. Freak mutants make attemps to play funeral folk but their ugly paws barely hit the right chords. Yet there’s some hidden order in all this chaos. The listener will find the Italian collective in an unusual shape. Somehow, the industrial noise walls have disapperead; there are more acoustic instruments. Crooked improv. Thick, raw and damaged free folk. Out for blood. Cassettes with full-colour J-cards and stickers. Edition of 69.

Preslav Literary School – ‘La Réflexion Du Tir’ cassette
There’s tension in the air and the birds are quiet. The day is dull, life is still. Haunting cassette hiss fills the room. Outside, the children are screaming in agony but muffled whispers are all that comes out. Was that your first lover’s voice? Another flashback from unremembered youth? There’s a fire crackling in the old castle and ghosts dance in the ballroom. And you pass by the church but there’s no one there… Preslav Literary School is dedicated to tape collage and endless rearrangements of outsider noise and found sound. “La Réflexion Du Tir” was recorded by Adam Thomas in Berlin, “with thanks to alabaster tenements, sonic phosphorescence, supreme courts, branch creation, Cap-Vert Peninsula, reticulating splines, magic martyrs.” Cassettes with full-colour J-cards and stickers. Edition of 75.


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