Hospital Productions

various – ‘White Eye of Winter Watching‘ 2xCS    $25    
Hospital productions was offcially founded on october 31st, 1997 in madison, wisconsin. this was also the date of the first prurient live performance. some 14 years later we celebrate its 300th release with “white eye of winter watching.” This idea was birthed during the fall-out blizzards of 2010, while relentless storms shut down air traffic and I was stranded in the bunker sick in bed with the flu. During this time I re-discovered many of my favorite old cassette compilations from the 90’s that brought many disparate groups together under one banner. ‘original soundtrack’, released on italy’s less than zero, was of particular interest, with its sonically and geographically diverse lineup. also at this time a friend had given me a book on 20th Century Russian history, emphasizing strife in Russia and the overwhelming destructive forces of nature and man’s place within it. not only were troops engaged in the largest man-made conflict in history, but were, at the same, battling nature. without coats, winter ended soldiers lives before bullets could find them. It was then that I decided to combine the themes of the book with the idea of a dynamic compilation that brought together many of the genres that the label has explored.


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