Fadeaway Tapes

ft013 Belarisk C35 $8(Can)/$9(US)/$11(World)
Focused electronic compositions from Lee Tindall (Zerfallt, 1/2 of Mutation in the Gryd). A document which surveys the desolate terrain and engages its space in an almost alarmingly steady and clear manner. (edition of 100; pro-dubbed, pro-printed)

ft014 Pierrot Lunaire – ‘lantern floating vessel’ c28 $8(Can)/$9(US)/$11(World)
These diverse and discrete pieces of free saxophone shapes, soft tones, disembodied voices and amplified atmospherics suggest an alluring unifying logic. And what is sought with this logic is a sort of ascent. (edition of 100; pro-dubbed, pro-printed)

ft015 Sundrips – ‘phased out’ C32 $8(Can)/$9(US)/$11(World)
Synth and guitar swirls set adrift amidst reflective surfaces. Two side-long improvisations and one short “bonus” track. The first sundrips session from 2011 to be released. (edition of 100; pro-dubbed, pro-printed)


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