Rubber City Noise

Black Unicorn – ‘Cinco de Mayo in Space’
A galactic drone, frozen and shattered to shards of sample & hold space ice, undermines an abandoned vessel as it drifts toward infinity. The lone survivor, a machine, utters in fractured phonemes the arrival of Cinco de Mayo in Space. Sequenced synthesizers, circuit bent voices, vintage drums, and polysynth pads combine in a strange meeting place between Mexican holiday and intergalactic travel. Conceived as part of a show w/ XXX Super Arcade and Dreamroot’s Boltzmann’s Brain, Cinco de Mayo in Space took place on 5.5.2011 at Annabell’s in Akron, Ohio. This album is the studio version of Black Unicorn’s set.

Griefhound / Cane Swords split CDr
Both a companion to the Cane Swords / Griefhound cassette and a stand-alone release—this split flips things around. Griefhound start it off with foreshadowing acoustics, a simple guitar piece that strums headfirst into feedback noise and Sabbath riffs filtered through Cuyahoga River chemical sludge. Further, toy keyboard arpeggios and electric wheezes stalk like the masked killer in a fuzzed out horror movie. The monster’s hidden lair is infiltrated, chaos reigns, and a field recording of 2011’s most brutal thunderstorm transitions to the outer space yearnings of Cane Swords. Raw synth and oscillated swirls of post-digital dust funnel cloud their way to space shuttle bass drum hits and gamma ray sequenced leads that disintegrate into 8-bit coin hunting heaven. Pounding drums sound in militant step against vintage polysynth alarm calls and odes to dark future machine take-over. Electronic storms reflect the Ohio sky in binary and control voltages, then the synthesists depart, blasting off and leaving the atmosphere behind in sine waves and electric chirps.


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