DK031 Mark Bradley – ‘Sustain/Release’ CDr
Dokuro proudly host a new effort of fruitful artist Mark Bradley, who also have released music through label like Rural Faune, Reverb Worship, Hooker Visions and Hobo Cult to name a few. Sustain/Release grab the listener into a dream state of mind,  minimal synths provide subtle harmonic structures where layers of electric shores, evaporating pulses and mellifluos drones  drapes subconcscious voices transmitted from other dimensions. Once again the successful achievement of Bradley music consist in his ability to create new worlds throught vibrating sonic landscapes. Sustain/Release comes in a Ltd edition of 100 CDr, artwork photo by R.Scariot and graphic layout  by nodolby.

DK030 Patrizia Oliva 3″CDr
Musician  and free improviser Patrizia Oliva use mainly the voice as an instrument, in addition to various electronic instruments (loop station, diktaphone, etc). In the past she performed under the name Madame P and  also has  many  collaborations and parternship in projects  like Gamra, Carver, Camusi, Gravida, and Allun. Live @ Fluc capture a  performance from an huge live activty that bring her to tour Italy, USA and all Europen states,here the voice loops are sampled in real time, layered and counter-pointed.  Beutiful vocalizes and breaths  are mixed  with rhythmically squeals and gurgles in a sort of mantra  flow that links  reminiscences of ritual  and avantgarde music  to noise immediately approach. Live @ Fluc, Wien comes in a Ltd edition of 60 3″cdr, packaged ina mini dvd case, artwork photo by Patrizia Oliva and graphic  layout by nodolby.

DK029 Paints of Anima – ‘Moon Worship’ CDr
Pearson Wallace-Hoyt  records and releases moon-worshiping, esoteric noise under the moniker Paints of Anima.This release for dokuro was builted processing and manipulating  female vocals, the result are  two reboant and trance-inducing pieces. The dynamic of the tracks drift  from bleak and obscure points   to more saturated and loud peaks ,  repetitive progress close to a mystical catatonic experience. Wallace-Hoyt is also currently a member of the doom trance trio Is Root with Nur Greene, Elizabeth Chamberlin. He is the founder and director of the Seattle Occultural Music Festival. Moon worship comes in a Ltd edition of 60 CDr, artwork drawing by Claire Ragland and graphic layout by nodolby.


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