Robert & Leopold

Kama Rupa – ‘City Of Caesars’ C30   $7(US)/$9(WORLD)
Only known to have played a select few times, the sparse and nomadic group known as Kama Rupa have kept an air of ambient mystery among their ranks.  Members have collectively been a part of more known creations (Hoor-paar-Kraat, EMP, Skin Drink) but together, the ritualistic nature of their music has taken course not unlike Metgumbnerbone, LAShTAL and Zero Kama.  Primitive, ritual based drone with a esoteric compass leading one straight into a hall of reverse enlightenment. Edition of 75.

Sudden Infant – ‘The Wicked Mothers’ C20  $7(US)/$9(WORLD)
The name Joke Lanz is typically used as a metaphor to describe the most pure & harrowing elements of transgressive art, conjuring up solemn images of contortion & absurdity.  Making instant breakthroughs in the late 80′s reactionary Swiss art scene using his alias of Sudden Infant, Joke Lanz also is one of the key members of avant-garde performance art group Schimpfluch-Gruppe which employed various mediums along side performances to erase any perceived notion of social dogma.  Sudden Infant left it’s own unquire signature on the world with such classic recordings as Radiorgasm (1991) and Solothurn (1994), leaving a blueprint behind of his current sound art study. Typically employing the use of distortion and voice, scrambling up both mediums until one is indistinguishable for the other.  This recent composition, wrapped up as The wicked Mothers, is a unique example of such primal techniques. Edition of 125.


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