Orange Milk

Sundrips – ‘One Hundred Hints’
A new piece of dark guitar and synthesizer moans and sequences from modern masters Sundrips. Ryan and Nick at their most rich and deep and heavy!

Piper Spray – ‘Omnicron Girls’
Russia’s Piper Spray gives us bizarre electronic pop. This is experimental stuff when it works on an established and trodden musical realm and subverts from within.

Quilt/Developer split
Developer (Matt Reis of Teeth Collection, Yes collapse, Foot Binder etc) is sharing space on this new cassette release with Seth Graham (Quilt). Matt has been cranking out bizarre sounds for over 15 years. Quilt’s side is a delicate combiantion of guitar, sounds layered with subtle harmonies congealing into small pockets of bliss and glitch. Developer’s side is common to Matt’s style, sounds of unknown origin put into a controlled context, dynamic sounds and noise, never a dull moment.


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