Nothing Out There

Pan To Scratch – ‘Odomez Serie #5’ C60 6€(France)/7€(EU)/8€(World)
It is a 60 minutes cassette. All of it recorded outside (except a few piano notes perhaps) over the course of one summer, in the dying factory district I walk through everyday. The doomed factories stand between my neighborhood and the coffee shop/food co-op and other businesses. Simply an audio diary but not a chronological diary. I generally fill up the tape as I stumble upon various “random” noises/sound events. Then I will listen to the tape and decide what is “finished” and what needs work. I try to keep things random but definitely make decisions now and again especially if some sounds seemed to align just right. Many times, after a few different sounds have been juxtaposed, the combination of sounds will suggest a loose rhythm that I will build upon or try to emphasize. Sometimes adding sparse, found-object percussion and minimal instrumentation.  As the months passed during this recording, the cheap batteries I used slowly lost their life and as a result the recording capabilities of my handheld device were compromised and this allowed certain sounds to remain on the tape while more ‘layers’ were added. This, coupled with the warble of the tape caused by the drained batteries allowed me to create “scenes”, with one group of sounds fading into the next.  c60. 23 copies.

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