Obsolete Units

V/A ‘The Noise From Ridgewood: A Benefit Compilation For The Silent Barn
The Silent Barn was a D.I.Y. venue that acted as an invaluable resource for New York City’s underground music and arts communities. Since its inception in the mid-2000′s, it developed into a beloved institution in the city, acting as an extremely inviting and supportive space for musical acts of numerous stripes and genres, whether local, national, and international. In addition, the space also acted as an outlet to many local artists in the visual/performance fields, among them the independent video game collective Babycastles. In July of this year, their space, which resided in the Ridgewood neighborhood, was robbed and vandalized days after being subsequently shut down by the authorities. As the Barn was also the place of residence for the folks who helped operate it, these setbacks were especially distressing. This huge blow to the arts community in New York couldn’t come during a more bleak period for artists operating outside of the suffocating spectre of mainstream/corporate outlets, with most other underground venues in the city being shut down in recent years. Though most other D.I.Y. spaces in the area had brief lifespans, the Barn was one of the longest-running, which can no doubt be attributed to their welcoming demeanor and undying passion and motivation for the music and art they helped provide an outlet for. Current plans for the Silent Barn include procurring a permanent space in the region and continuing on with the diligence and enthusiasm that they’re known for. Obsolete Units presents this compilation to help them rebuild and start anew. All proceeds made from the sale of this album will go directly to The Silent Barn. Featuring new and exclusive tracks from Aaron Dilloway, Telecult Powers, Andy Ortmann (Panicsville), Ben Miller, Phil Julian (cheapmachines), Millions, MV Carbon, Tom Smith (To Live And Shave In L.A.), Bunnybrains, C. Spencer Yeh, Excepter, The Tenses (members of Smegma), Pregnant Spore, Chapels, Cellular Chaos, Mike Shiflet, Derek Rogers, Long Distance Poison, Id M Theft Able, WZT Hearts, Fossils, and many more.


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