Evening of Light

Agitated Radio Pilot – ‘Lights Beneath the Lake / Nothing Is Truly Lost‘ CDr
It is a double album by Agitated Radio Pilot, the project of David Colohan. It combines the EP Lights Beneath the Lake on 3″ CD-R with the compilation Nothing Is Truly Lost on 5″ CD-R. The first album is a new recording focusing on an experimental mixture of folk and ambient, featuring Richard Moult, Gavin Prior, and Brian Conniffe as guest musicians. The second album collects twelve tracks that are previously unreleased or were released in the past on rare compilations. Here too, David combines beautiful songs on acoustic guitar and piano with ambient and noisy instrumental compositions. It features a wide range of guest artists, including John Cavanagh, Aaron Coyne, Shane Cullinane, Annemarie Deacy, Jani Hellén, Aaron Hurley, Vicky Langan, Scott McLaughlin, Gavin Prior, Enda Trautt, and Keith Wallace.


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