Innercity 7″
Open the gates to the mystifying world of Belgian electronic producer Hans Dens’ Innercity project. Truly alien, truly futuristic rhythmic mantras and techno miscalculations. Dens’ unique minimal beat style, combining elements of electronic, Kraut, and New Age weirdness, creates an otherworldly entity that transcends our earthly boundaries. Limited edition pressing of 300 copies.  SAMPLE

Coppertone – ‘Kill and Release’ 7″
Coppertone is Los Angeles’ Sasha Wiseman, a one-woman pop damager specializing in cold, beat-driven anthems swathed in quietly intimidating atmospherics. “Kill and Release” offers bodily transport into a world that’s as surreal and synthetic as it is strangely familiar – something like the dream sequence of a horror film. A woman armed with a net, a knife, keyboards, and lust. Limited edition pressing of 300 copies. 


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