Dub Ditch Picnic

Auntie Dada/Preanderthals split 2xC30
The pairing of Winnipeg’s Auntie Dada & Toronto’s
Preanderthals is the PERFECT East-West Connection!! A.D. bring the nodding plodding No Wave semi restrained free jazz attack while the Preanderthals let loose with all kindsa free hardcore (not Harry Pussy – think Unholy Swill – fuck yeah) if that’s anything… maybe now it is. Done up as two tapes – coz one shell couldn’t hold in this nonsense. Art/Design by Seripop. Ed. of 50. SAMPLE

Tim Hoover – ‘More Napkins’ C60
For those who have been with DDP over the last year, you’ll know this is something very new and different for us… Tim Hoover has dropped the “Co-op” nickname and released a forward-thinking collection of music that straddles the line between DJ mix and instrumental album. Drawing samples and inspiration from a handful of both well-known and obscure tracks, Hoover composed 60 minutes of original music divided into 5 movements that sit together as a cohesive piece. Samples and melodies are introduced and referenced later in the piece, as the tempo, colour and even time signature shifts from track to track. Drawing inspiration from the slow building violin melodies of groups like Godspeed You! Black Emperor, as well as the frenetic chopped drums of Prefuse 73, More Napkins is the perfect “headphone album,” rewarding the listener with new surprises on each listen. Co-released with Woven Records. Ed. of 150 w/ Download.

Velvet Chrome – ‘Anthology’ C50
Met up with Hobo Cult/Cube Frank Ouellette & his lovely partner J.L.K. last spring when they breezed through Winnipeg. I’ve wanted to work with Frank for a while but didn’t want to release Hobo Cubes stuff coz everyone releases H.C. stuff. Instead, we dug into the weirder archives and struck gold with the sounds of Velvet Chrome. Culled from a collection of CDR releases and personally selected by Frank and Jane these tracks run from lo-fi cave stomps, Neu-worship, to flat out No Wave jams complete with Jane shouting/singing in Esperanto perhaps? This one’s a true mind turner… Ed. of 125. SAMPLE

Shaker Hymns S/T C20
Shaker Hymns is a six-piece kraut/psych/mutated disco band. Keith Odell plays guitar, Amy MacDonald plays guitar and sings/screams, Gabriel Jasmin plays bass, Frank Ouellette adds squeals of sax, electronics and vocals, and Jesse Locke and Jessica Faulds battle it out on the drums. Songs 1-4 were recorded by Dorian Scheidt at La Brique, and song five was recorded live at the Torn Curtain. Ed. of 100. SAMPLE


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