Invisible City Records

ICR46 Shit Creek & Tremelo Ghosts – ‘SHRDLU’s Adventures in Blockworld’ C50 £5
Golden hour psychedelia from Shit Creek and Tremelo ghosts. Total head cleanser. limited to 40 copies.

ICR47 Muster – ‘Find A City To Live In.’ C45 £5
New improvising duo of Dan Powell and James O’Sullivan. Electronic transmissions broadcast on a radio station from nowhere. Faint recognitions of familiar sounds hidden within the hiss of static. limited to 40 copies.


Sun Ark Records

A mysterious bandolier of wrongfoot jungle ingots from Estonia’s most cloaked producer, Ratkiller! Tacky Whack is 5 slugs of over-heated breakbeat explorers, crawling with strange determination, leaving blistered and bewildering rhythmic sludge in their wake: the more you lean in, the more it leans back! Take the helm, steer over the edge, plunge, and get lost in strange alloys; half-melted exotic tungsten fumes will threaten your hull, but fear not! The scrub is burning, the asphalt is scorched, but Ratkiller’s aim is true, and you will find yourself only slightly singed. Unmissable 2019 vibes!

Profound bell-tones from Japan’s Akhira Sano, sparkling with tiny electricity, this is one of the most delicate and detailed ambient albums ever received in the Sun Ark dock. These 11 sonic investigations continually expand and contract in scale, revealing endless (sometimes deeply alienating) dripping, hypnotic, crystalline structures hidden in the grains of soft pulses growing rounder and rounder. This one is a real treasure of contemporary ambient, giving more to the listener with each spin, creating shocking depth-of-field against a softening bacterial landscape that blurs as you approach.

Kansas City’s Barbara B. arrives with 9 sizzlers, white-hot sheets of noise spreading and buckling into surprising and inventive textures. Opening with supple flutters (Fruit) and ending with something like the smelting of raw lead (Games), Sports provides an expansive, doom-laden, and emotionally engaging listening experience of real depth, suited for those looking for the deletion of the horizon. Buckling fountains of metallic resonance, hot-stinging synth spray, groaning magnetic fields vying for negative dominance. Strong stuff!



Metoronori – ‘”?” letter’ CS
The latest EP from Japan’s Metoronori, ‘ “?” letter ‘, invites you in for somber, whispered sounds that vibrate and flicker as they expand, contract, and lull. It’s the audio equivalent of a brief stroll through a wisteria tunnel when the flowers are in full bloom. That, or a rainy spring day spent indoors, cradling a cup of tea as you gaze out and observe the wildlife that populates the backyard.


Time Prison

Time Prison – ‘Time Prison’ CS $4
Time Prison is a one-man electronic music project based in Western Massachusetts whose sound has been described as “…a post-punk band formed on a human ark ship that left Earth decades ago.”. This self titled debut release has a dark but mellow vibe, and contains six tracks with both ambient and rhythmic elements. Grab a cassette (25 copies available) for $4, or enjoy unlimited streaming and downloads.


Forgotten Bottom

Forgotten Bottom – ‘Hostile Architecture’ CS
Forgotten Bottom is a Viola and Bouzouki instrumental drone duo. Named after an often overlooked Philadelphia neighborhood by born and raised musician Myles Donovan (Disemballerina, A Stick And A Stone, Ominous Cloud Ensemble) and New Jersey transplant Eric Bandel (Nymph, Victory and Good Hunting), the two piece group crossbreeds amplified walls of both harmony and dissonance with found echoing subway tunnel noises and simultaneous foot drum driven percussion. “Hostile Architecture”, their cassette debut on the label Black Horizons, is a noisy soundtrack inspired by a home city’s heartbreaking gentrification, development,present opiod crisis and individual band members’ work in the shelter system. The album gets it’s title from an urban design term used to discourage homeless individuals from sleeping in public places and unwelcome birds from nesting. It’s cover is a dead Cardinal that Donovan saw fly into an abandoned building, which he then retrieved off the ground and hand stuck into a color copier. Hostile Architecture was mastered by Mell Dettmer (Earth, Sunn O))) and recorded in a warehouse fire escape by Steve Roche (Saetia). All song names are quotes from people living in Philadelphia.


Life Education

LIFE EDUCATION – ‘New Earth Assembly’ CS
Limited edition of 50 pro duplicated orange shell cassettes, features an hour of pseudo New Age Krautrock meditations.

LIFE EDUCATION – ‘Ancient Machines’ CS
Limited edition of 50 pro duplicated purple cassettes, features an hour of primitive electronics levitations.

LIFE EDUCATION – ‘Pilgrims of the Infinite’ CS
Limited edition of 50 pro duplicated orange cassettes, features an hour of cosmic jazz and analog awakenings.


No Part of It

Blood Rhythms – ‘Civil War’ LP
BLOOD RHYTHMS is an ongoing and constantly morphing collective spearheaded by veteran experimental artist and Chicago native Arvo Zylo. The unit’s new LP, CIVIL WAR began its conceptual impetus before its vinyl debut, 2014’s ASSEMBLY, which was a layered whale song / locomotive stomp of brass & wind instruments recorded in a meat locker, released in collaboration with RRRECORDS. In 2010, after a few years of makeshift group performances delivering noisy, loop-based industrial drones as a brass ensemble, and inevitably growing to incorporate a series of damaged synth/junk metal outings, the group’s official debut was met with live accompaniment from legendary Chicago avant/industrial/gospel giants ONO. With that, the very beginnings of BLOOD RHYTHMS’ new LP, CIVIL WAR, were set into motion. From 2010 to 2016, Zylo exhibited either with BLOOD RHYTHMS or solo, at noise fests, radio stations, or various venues around the country, themes which evolved exponentially. Some of these pieces have been performed live close to fifty times, occasionally with as many as four drummers and a five piece brass section. Words like “cathartic” and “intense” were regularly used to describe the often blisteringly loud affairs– with contact mic’ed heartbeats, aluminum mic’ed masks, sheet metal, belt sanders, amplified packing tape, and visceral, feedback-laden howls. CIVIL WAR is a studio culmination of nearly ten years of ongoing work; A synthesis of Zylo’s main focus, and what has come to be referred to by some as outsider power electronics. The result is something that retains the meticulousness, nuance, and visionary drive of a reclusive studio rat, but without relinquishing the rawness and fortitude of a full group sonic assault. CIVIL WAR features contributions from Bruce Lamont (Yakuza, Bloodiest, Corrections House), Mike Weis (Zelienople, Kwaidan), Wyatt Howland (Skin Graft, Blackfire, Nevari Butchers), B. Zimimay (T.O.M.B., Dreadlords), Dave Phillips (Schimpfluch Gruppe, Fear of God), Michael Krause (Death Factory), Daniel Burke (Illusion of Safety), and Richard Syska (Secret Means of Escape, Dummy Antenna). It comes on 180 gram vinyl, and there are standard editions in black, or special editions both with opaque red vinyl or metallic silver ripple vinyl. It is housed in a thick gatefold jacket with a full varnish finish, and comes special editions come with a 44 page art booklet which includes collaborative contributions from collage artist Bradley Kokay, and rogue taxidermist Sarina Brewer. Recorded mainly (initially) at Minbal, Chicago by Brian Sulpizio (Health & Beauty), and mastered by James Plotkin (Khanate, Khlyst, NAMANAX). Seven tracks, 38 minutes. Track A3 not for airplay. Edition of 500 copies: 350 black vinyl (180g), 100 opaque red vinyl (180g), 50 silver ripple vinyl (140g). Silver copies come with a unique piece of art. No download code. No digital version available.


Cruel Nature

Fret! – ‘A Vanity Spawned By Fear’
Tyneside noise-punks Fret! return with their blistering follow-up to 2017’s acclaimed “Through The Wound The Light Comes In”. A frenetic fuzzed-out-to-max squall of a monster riffageous racket, that gives a nod to the best of labels such as Blast First, Touch & Go and AmRep. Available as super-limited edition cassette and CD (75 copies each), along with digital download. Each tape and CD comes with a limited edition vinyl sticker, hand-drawn by Daniel Hughes; randomly selected from a series of six. All six stickers are available as a pack from the Cruel Nature bandcamp.


Fire is Free

Versioning//Blood Noize – ‘Link Ambient or Games//Live MMXII-MMXVIII’ 10″ lathe $30 (US)
Versioning is Columbus, OH noise titan Danielle Milam (aka Sea Tone). Blood Noize, also based in Columbus, is insane acid damaged punk noise, featured in a recent episode of Kevin Failure’s (Pink Reason) Loose on WCRS. Versioning side features a drone remix by Laa Boal Dyn. One-time lathe cut 10″ picturedisc edition of 50.



Ron Thomas and John Swana – ‘Serenity’ CS
4 long tracks of vast, otherworldly synth landscapes, “Serenity” is the 3rd recorded collaboration between John Swana and Ron Thomas. (Previous albums: “Cycles” and “Elysium” on Vectordisc). John Swana – Jazz trumpeter and wizard of the E.V.I. (10 solo albums on Criss Cross). John pulls together deep sound design and virtuosic melodic runs. Sophisticated synth candy! Ron Thomas – A composer and jazz pianist, Ron brings together both worlds in his ability to create immersive musical landscapes. Pat Martino’s keyboard player in the 70’s, a student of Stockhausen, and friend of John Cage; it’s hard to describe Ron’s complex musical web, but one can start with his website: