Grisha Shakhnes –  ‘The Heaver’ CS

“The Heaver” is the new sound work by Grisha Shakhnes (aka Mites). It includes four new long compositions, recorded on Tel Aviv during June of 2021. Released on a limited edition of 100 cassettes, including download code. On “The Heaver”, Grisha Shakhnes works with structure, textures and length, using mainly field recording, tapes and lo-fi electronics. He improvises and manipulate sounds very gently, creating foggy soundscapes of broken sounds, electronic hums and noises, mixed with pre-recorded material from urban life.

Matthieu Fuentes – ‘Ily, Almeria’ CS

« Ily, Almería » is the second album by French composer and performer Matthieu Fuentes, who debuted in 2021 with a promising album on Penultimate Press. It features ambiguous sources and unknown presences recorded from 2018 to 2022. Manipulated and re-edited on a computer and a Revox B77 reel-to-reel tape recorder. Matthieu’s music sprung from the “musique concrète” tradition, using elements and fragments of electroacoustic music, field recording and sound art.


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