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Palm Tapes

Matthew Milia – ‘Even Fuckboys Get The Blues’ C50 $5
“Even Fuckboys Get The Blues” collects bedroom recordings, sound collages and orphaned tunes recorded by Matthew Milia from 2010 to 2015. Milia, most known as leader of folkrock group Frontier Ruckus, is a deep well of clever poetics. The New York Daily News remarks that “Milia’s words obsess on the most suburban images possible,” and on the album’s opener, “Somerset Solo,” suburban memories are painted through a kaleidoscope of rapid rhyme e.g “corsage pinned on my collarbone flesh / teenage gowns of gauze and mesh” and reflections on aging: “we used to sneak into the Christmas gifts / now it’s all spotty sex and Netflix riffs.” Milia delivers his inventive lyrics over bonfire strums, and moon glow plucks, creating intimate atmosphere. The album’s close, an extended sound collage where elderly, salt-of-the-earth, waxings jumble over each other, moving in and out of the mix, is an intriguing end to the cathartic opus.



Anthony Vine – ‘Remnants’ CS $7.5
Composed and performed in New York during the balmy months of 2016, “Remnants” is a 65 minute collection from the mysterious inner wold of composer, Anthony Vine. In this world, music is a place, a dream, a living landscape; it’s a swirling conversation between close friends playing guitar, saxophone, piano, harmonica, melodica, bass, and percussion; wandering through found sounds, vast microtonal systems, and fragile moments of improvisation and chance. Not so easily characterized, Vine is rooted in contemporary classical music, while “Remnants” finds itself sliding into the outer realms of jazz, minimalism, and ambient music.


Pawlacz Perski

ADPC (Arszyn / Duda & Paper Cuts) – ‘There is no conclusion’
Once again Krzysztof “Arszyn” Topolski and Tomasz Duda are guests at Pawlacz Perski premises. This time they are accompanied by Wojtek Kurek and Łukasz Kacperczyk, who previously – as Paper Cuts – released two cassettes in a befriended label called Wounded Knife. ‘There is no conclusion’ is a meeting of two duets improvising with each other on a daily basis, which results in multiplication of different levels of communication. For a demanding listener, it might be one of the great pathways to perceiving this material. Yet the content of the cassette is not only a series of abstract meetings. Thanks to the richness of sonoristic details the music on this album stimulates our imagination, and moreover its warm sound perfectly sticks to the tape record.


Inner Islands

Crown of Eternity – ‘Dream Architecture’ C51
The dream of duality, the seasonal shifts, and the planet revealed to the sun and the farther reaches each day. Warmth and glow give way to a reflective dim, but to return again. These frequencies and vibrations are tuned to something more comprehensive and express a vaster array of physicality. Thunderclouds and trickling rain drops resound from the struck metal. There are caverns and skies that swell into being, if only for a moment, before fading into the next vista, the next radiant pulse. Experience shimmering harmonics and meditative tones as Crown of Eternity gently invite you to immerse yourself in your most subtle listening space. ‘Dream Architecture’ contains the deep and complex harmonics of 11 gongs, as well as the sonorous tones of more than 60 bells, sound plates, sound triangles, tuned metals and singing bowls. Crown of Eternity carefully and patiently blend and orchestrate their instruments to create harmonic fields that invite the listener to dive in and not only explore the nature of the sound current, but also their inner landscape.


Silhouette Tapes

Korablove ‎– ‘Singular Plankter’ CS €7
Silhouette Tapes presents it’s third release featuring Korablove (Studio R, Elusive, Pro-Tez,), available on tape and as a digital download on label’s bandcamp. This tape, in which Korablove shows his rather unknown side, is about well thought, aesthetic ambient music. White tape, double-sided inlay, and a unique x-ray cover.


Yerevan Tapes

Restive Plaggona – ‘Committed To The Truth’
Restive Plaggona is Dimitris Doukas, Corfu-based young techno/industrial producer. Active in just one year, he has been putting out quite a few tapes on Haraam’s Moral Defeat, french Collapsing Market and his own Several Minor Promises. With Committed To The Truth Plaggona continues his path with seven new tracks of dark cinematic techno hybrids, ranging from ambient melancholia to pulsating Industrial soundscapes. This is the sound of the dark side of the Mediterranean. Committed To The Truth is out Feb 20 on black tape cassette limited to 100.

RM – ‘The Hierarchy of Being’
RM is acronym for talented Italian electronic musician Riccardo Mazza, also half of the noise duo Lettera 22. With his solo project RM released a few tapes (Second Sleep, 8mm) until 2016’s Unfit LP on Joachim Nordwall’s iDEAL, a murky, harsh-edged journey to a scary club environment. The Hierarchy Of Being is his latest effort and RM first release for Yerevan Tapes. The previous rhythmic noise approach seems gone here and more variegated perspectives are examined. Just listen to H.b.t. and its kraut-jungle progression, or the disco-ambient of The Hierarchy Of Command and eventually the cosmic free-jazz vibes of the title-track. One deep study on contemporary electronic music. The Hierarchy Of Being is out Feb 22 on white tape cassette limited to 100.


Teflon Beast

Mr. Mom – ‘ContemplationMeditation&Aftermath’
Mr. Mom is back! Tinkering with delay pedal jams and inspired piano drones, MM has five brand new compositions to share. As the slow vibrations of chords and noise wash & tumble over the listener, one senses sunrise/sunset and calming darkness. These are troubled times and MM’s new music is set squarely in the now. There is hope however…one must have hope.


Grabbing Clouds Records & Tapes

Life Education – ‘Acid Owl’
Debut album by Life Education, a side-project of Kösmonaut. Released February 3, 2017 on limited edition cassette from Grabbing Clouds Records & Tapes. Two cassette versions were made: the first 20 cassettes were hand-painted and numbered in edition of 100. Released by Grabbing Clouds Records & Tapes. Includes digital download code.

The Pinc Lincolns

The Pinc Lincolns – ‘Joy To The World’ CS $7(CAD)
Joy To The World is the third album by The Pinc Lincolns, aka Daniel Colussi, who writes, performs and records the tunes. The album is 9 songs of perfectly unfinished damaged ballads, written and recorded with a heavy nod to the burnt out spirit of all the 90s New Zealand greats. There is a sustained vibe of weariness, exhaustion and psychic dislocation, expressed through voice, guitar, piano and the odd snare drum. The album was recorded in a series of bedrooms and hotel rooms across Canada during a nomadic stretch of 2016. However, the utmost attention was paid to fidelity and mixing so as to bring the listener as close as possible to the prevailing vibe of the album’s creation.


Fragment Factory

TORBA – ‘Ggràn’ CS
Mauro Diciocia has been working, releasing and performing under his TORBA moniker for several years now, delivering some of the finest examples of crude and dirty electroacoustics and chopped up tape music. „Ggràn“ consists of two new pieces made in spring of 2016 and is probably his most focused and elaborate work to date. 20 minutes of gripping, modern noise and concrete music, carrying Torba‘s very own thumbprint, undoubtedly making „Ggràn“ a highlight in his impressive body of work. Diciocia is based in Berlin, DE. 20 minutes, high-grade chrome cassettes, first edition of 60 copies.