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White Death – ‘Perform Small Tasks’ C60 £4(World)
Hannah Ellul (Helhesten, Human Heads, Faux Ami) dances the dance with Kelly Jayne Jones (many collabs, many years) on a single half hour presentation. Glass-like glaciers of glistening sinew weave in and out of focus while the long-form throb of a busted horns & depressed flutistas envelopes. Recorded in the prelapsarian utopia of Manchester’s Maple Industrial Estate (2017), this haunted message from behind the two way mirror will feed you & will clothe you in reverb misery from on high. C60 it is then (or just under). Side A repeats on Side B, which repeats on Side A.

Yol & Chalmers – ‘Discarded Carrier Bag Epiphanies’ C39 £4(World)
Two mighty manglers collide (or coalesce?). One with a noggin full o’ crumpled tape loops & the other with crumpler full o’ taped up noggin mangles. Yol & Chalmers is the magic alliance that lay buried beneath waves of late night shamblings, early morning trips to the tip & smooth, horizonless cruises down the magnetic speedway. Teeth chattering utterances meet tape squirling sonic quick-sand. Junk yard gamelan from the South Sea homeland – the clockwork luthier & his melted mind // a man, in a hole, arguing with the walls. They often say that pig’s orgasm can last 30 minutes. This little ratchet banger is 39 minutes in length or 130% pure porcine pleasure.


Ratskin Records

Disappearing is a rule-based project of Rain Lucien Matheke, an interdisciplinary artist and cat mother based out of Los Angeles. Rain is a trans woman living with a rare primary immune deficiency disease. She holds a Master’s Degree in Visual Art from California State University, Northridge, and has exhibited and performed throughout California, as well as in Nebraska and New York. The result of the growing necessity for greater attention to themes explored in other live settings, disappearing is focused on the use of tape loops, tape machines, and effects as a means of exploring concepts of decay, loss, memory, and transformation. Cover Art by : Rain Lucien Matheke. Layout by : Michael Daddona.


Constellation Tatsu

PURR 0094: Liai – ‘Lili’
Description: Liai is the audio/visual project of Lo Bise, a Chicago-based experimental electronic musician and recent graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Working largely with digital platforms such as Ableton Live and Max MSP, they create pieces inspired by Minimalist composition, techno and ambient.

PURR 0095: OCA – ‘Preset Music’
Description:OCA is a collaborative project by producer and musician Yo van Lenz (Through My Speakers, Monkeytown Records) and artist Florian T M Zeisig (Important Records/Cassauna, No Disk). ‘Preset Music’ is the result of sampling strategies working with looped segments, automation, pitch, timbre, speed and mapping amongst other.

PURR 0096: poemme – ‘Moments in Golden Light’
Poemme is the ambient project of Angela Klimek, who first began creating music for fun in 2016 to supplement her husband’s sleep music radio station, Ambient Sleeping Pill. Since then, she hasn’t been able to stop recording tracks for sleep as well as brighter, more daytime-oriented drones from Cleveland, Ohio. Moments in Golden Light is a small collection of such daytime soundscapes, painting a forest scene during the magical hour after sunrise in which the earth is bathed in gold.

PURR 0097: Mike Nigro & Andrew Osterhoudt – ‘Latitudes’
Description: Mike runs Oxtail Recordings and performs in the group Aviary (who he is on tour with now) – he also has several releases under his own name. Andrew has previously released music under the name Channeling, and works at RVNG Intl. Latitudes is spiritual / new age-ish / floaty / cosmic – referencing the interlacing common threads of all things, while dancing inside the stirring / moving spaces between those threads. A sort of micro/macro/micro observation of energy and movement.



Nick Stevens – ‘The New Age’
Riding in on his brand new neon pony, hi-fi bedroom cowboy, Nick Stevens comes to the big city to team up with producer and multi-instrumentalist Adrian Knight of Blue Jazz TV for a new sound in country and western. After hearing Knight’s “Pictures of Lindsey”, brimming with excitement, he tracked down Adrian at Skymall Studios with some bare bone demos. The two connected on their mutual love of synthesizers, Leonard Cohen, and chanterelle mushrooms. They signed a 4 year contract and NDA with Galtta and instantly got to work. Brushing out that old whiskey patina, the clean sound of drum machines and saxophones reveals a world of dormant feelings and stories about isolation, missed connections, and regrets. Alice Cohen, legendary performer and songwriter, joins the duo and lends her voice on four tracks, including “Easy To Hold,” a love song accented by expensive reverbs, synth bells, funky bass, and cheap percussion your sister brought you back from her trip to Costa Rica. A lone wanderer’s journey, ”The New Age” canters through dark alley ways and sunny 85° vacation landscapes. Hang up the old leather and lace for a freshly pressed Italian silk (high thread count) and Capezios. Pop a Zanny and kick up your feet — your flight is now taking off into the sunset!


Dinzu Artefacts

Sebastiano Carghini – ‘Habituated By Reason’
Micro-acoustics. Tape loops. Solenoid motors activated by LFO eurorack modules. A familiar yet formidable presence.

Matthias Urban – ‘SiAl’
Field recordings from Iceland 2013 – 2016

De Ponti / Moretti – ‘Before We Were Foam We Were Unbridled Waves’
Erasure of the contradiction between real and imaginary. Temporal layers are juxtaposed with different speeds, creating polyphonies of sound spectrums. The time flux is not regular or linear, it’s bent.



ZLI REŽIM was a no wave / black metal / industrial band that existed for one afternoon in march 2004 during a private session at “Boom bar” (Split, Croatia). Hermetically sealed cassette tape. Circa 2 minutes per side. Limited edition of 50. Self-released in June 2018.



Philip Corner – ‘Piano Activitys Workplays’ CS 7E
Piano Activities score is one of the most iconic pieces of Fluxus and sonic art history, but also a positive work of transformation. All these years, Philip Corner never stop to expand the possibilities of that work, documented in various of releases, not only as a possibility of destruction art, but also as a form of experimentation. Piano Activitys Workplays is including four live recording based on four different workshops, that Philip Corner did with students, in various places in Europe. The pianos are not destroyed … “I think its time that people know this about that piece” Philip Corner … Piano Activitys Workplays is released in 100 cassettes, including 76 min of music and a text written from Philip Corner explaining the story of the score.

Lionel Marchetti – ‘Chasser (1ere etude naturelle)’ C45 7E
Lionel Marchetti (1967) is a notable French electroacoustic improviser and musique concrète composer, visual-sound artist, a writer and a poet. Chasser (2012) contains his “first natural study” Volet in three parts. Natural landscape recordings were used as the main sound source, manipulated and mixed with electronic sounds, piano tunes and poetry. “Chasser” is released as a limited number of 80 red coloured cassettes.



TF+ – ‘Organic, Synthetic, Ensemble Material’ C16
Construction, deconstruction, assembly of field recordings and sound processes in electroacoustic syntax. With a background as electronic technician and programmer, TF+ focuses his artistic research on the organic aspects of sound with particular interest on the processes for granular synthesis. Already appeared in some releases on Swamp Tape series, the current project aims to exploring some dynamics related to the psychologic dimension of sound, with a combination of influences related to the previous Fldexp project and to the manipulation of altered signals. Limited edition of 50.



Belorukov & Zherbin – ‘To See Far and Wide’ C22
Analog wreckage with synthesizers, mixer feedback and noisy tape loops from Ilia Belorukov and Dmitri Zherbin. Debut release by this Russian-Finnish duo. Limited to 25 copies.


Eyemyth Records

Mirroring modern life in its episodic ruminations and wyrdly shifting distortions, each piece of this peculiar, never settling little work has a ring of nervous fatality, a susurrus of disquieting urban ambience that serves as an abstracted backdrop to the blackened and shattered ravings of the quintessential marooned figure. This is panic-room chamber music, incorporating horn moan undercurrents, aphotic provocations, squalling feedback and ghostly acoustic drift. Are you dead, enquires the artist, or just dangerously detached from reality? Limited edition of 20, hand-marked.