Cruel Nature

End Now – ‘Half Live’
Geordie post-hardcore riding on a SWERVEDRIVER, HARVEY MILK, LEATHERFACE, UNWOUND tip. Featuring members of legendary North East UK pop bands, MARZURAAN; R.Y.N; JINN; BALLPEEN; GRACE. This is the only recorded output from their brief two-year existence (2010 – 2012), re-mastered and finally seeing the light, 10 years later.

Friend Of God From The Oberland – ‘II’
Side project from the folks involved with Finnish psych band, Vahvistusharha. A selection of wide-ranging multi-instrumental hypnotic improvisations, recorded across two sessions in 2020 and 2021, perfectly capturing the spirit and oeuvre of Finland’s DIY psych scene.

Zebularin – ‘Hegemon Amour’
The Stuttgart free-form collective return with 8 new compositions ranging from intoxicating psychedelia , jazz and shapeshifting drone onslaught. “Hegemon Amour” focuses on the endless story of power and submission, the eternal ebb and flow of hope and despair in a world full of discord and malevolence. Collecting the shards of indestructible beauty and surreal meditation. Rearranging them into a blossoming aural tale of collective triumph in challenging times.

David Colohan – ‘A Map Of Where The Leaves Fall First’
Recorded in Ballymahon, Dublin & Todmorden, this latest instalment from the United Bible Studies mainstay is dedicated to the memory of American poet, painter and social activist, Lawrence Ferlinghett. The two 20-minute pieces which make up the composition, ebb and flow through harmonium drones, delicately plucked mandolin and string orchestration, underpinned with minimalist vocal accompaniment from Sophie Cooper and Alison O’Donnell. Undulating and shimmering: the beautiful song of the Silver River Gorge.

Whirling Hall Of Knives – ‘Blown Vestige’
The 15th album (?!?) from the Dublin duo (and their 4th for Cruel Nature), this sees WHOK in a more down-tempo, contemplative mood. Largely devoid of the trademark beats, ‘Blown Vestige’ layers fuzzed up soundscapes and glitchy electronics, at times straying into dark corners to find My Bloody Valentine hanging-out, cowering from the light.


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