Sonic Meditations

Expo Seventy – ‘Evolution’ CS
Aptly titled “Evolution”, the album showcases the trio-mode line-up led by Justin Wright at the peak of their glowing, spontaneously unique brand of slow-burning lysergic sounds and anthemic riffages. Sacred drone tones and spectral analog synth meditations evoking deep ritualized aural metaphysic experiments — elements widely known from Expo ’70, Wright’s solo moniker (Seventy is not equal to 70 in his universe) — gravitate around long-form, trance-like magnetic waves of heady guitar jams that stretch to the other side of the cosmos to effortlessly coexist with amazing doom-inspired heavier incursions packed with mystical blown-out riffs and megatons of amp toned torque. The outcome is an one-of-a-kind document of dark and cosmic psychedelia. Recorded over two distinct periods of time — partially analog to 24-track reel-to-reel and partially digital due to complications in demagnetizing the tape. – ESSENCE MUSIC. Sonic Meditations – Limited edition of 100 copies ETCHED SOLID BLACK CASES.


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