More Mars

Ezio Piermattei – ‘From Afar it Looks Like An Oriflamme’ C34
Italian sound artist Ezio Piermattei is an active musician since 2010. Until now, his work has been published through labels like Chocolate Monk, My Dance The Skull, Steep Gloss and his own Tutore Burlato label. ‘From Afar it Looks Like An Oriflamme’ captures some of the most delicate compositions by him. Detailed narratives are mixed with a big variety of field recordings, object and instrument sounds, as well as tape manipulation.

Brandstifter & Diurnal Burdens – ‘Manchmal Auch Nicht’ C44
Collaborative work between Brandstifter & Diurnal Burdens (Aka Ross Scott-Buccleuch). A great sound-collage with both artists using a big variety of analogue sound sources and materials like dictaphone field recordings, sound poetry snippets, homemade twin walkman tape looper, modular synth, effects pedals.

Jim Strong – ‘Voluntary Letters’ C30
Jim Strong is a visual artist, painter, performer & experimental instrument builder. Until now his music is released on respectful labels like Vitrine and Crisis Of Taste. He is the one half of Melkings, a collaborative group with T.D. & founder of the experimental label Cor Ardens. Jim Strong uses handcrafted instruments, spoken words, cracking noises & broken electronics.


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