Dinzu Artefacts

Dupleix/Forestiere/Pontvianne – ‘Geographies of Breath’
A glimpse into the indelible memory of three friends meeting in a Paris flat on a hot Summer afternoon. Convergence, pure interaction, the interactive possibilities of breath and mutual listening without shields.

Bardo Todol y Sus Aves Sin Nido – ‘El Dios Immaterial De Los Pájaros’
An attempt to connect and communicate with the birds and the wind by recreating the surrounding feelings in the woods near the artist’s home of Salsipuedes, Cordoba Argentina.

Xïola Yin – ‘Self–Contained Illusion (The Peak)’
Xïola Yin is the opposite yet not contradicting side of Aloïs Yang. This project focuses on deconstruction of existing works and recordings, random access and blending memories. Exploring the unstable and unpredictable outcomes of digital environment, through bespoke software instrument and live improvisation.


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