OPERA MORT – ‘Spectacle’
Back after a certainly deserved silence. Electronic acrobatics and drunken sweat. Capture of a public performance organized by Editions Gravats at Les Instants Chavirés in October 2018.

ASTREINTE – ‘La jambe lourde’
Collective effort & excess of information. Like going through a hyperactive tunnel blindfolded. Frontal accumulation for harshnoise rodeo.

DOLORES – ‘Dossier non classé’
Electroacoustic noise, series capacitors, permanent flash. Minimalist set-up for maximalist results. A narrative perspective of the sound of stroboscopic electricity in a cosy format.

DJ FUSILLER – ‘Sacrilège Vénération Vol. 2-c’
Nearly 20 minutes of bonus stuff were sleeping in the dusty archives. Final part of the second volume of Dj Fusiller’s adventures.


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