Dinzu Artefacts

Berger/Dombois/König/U5/Wang – ‘Struck Modernism: Figure X A’
Live improvisation on the sculpture “Figure X A” (1975) by Henri Presset with gloves, mallets, superballs, sticks and stones. Recorded on the campus of ETH Zurich (Hönggerberg), Switzerland. Ludwig Berger, Florian Dombois, Kaspar König, U5 and Vivian Wang made the sculpture sing.

Leo Okagawa – ‘Caprice’
Interior and exterior sounds, oscillations of home appliances, electronic devices, noises, and interferences. Irregular and irreversibile.

Ritual Extra – ‘In Luthero’
Slowly unraveling, site-responsive, acoustic explorations in a cistern of a vacant water supply facility. Recorded live. Ritual Extra is Julien Chamla, Tuukka Haapakorpi, and Lauri Hyvärinen.


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