Cruel Nature

Lip Critic – ‘Lip Critic II’
Limited edition of 50. The second edition of LIP CRITIC ‘Lip Critic II’ – on pink transparent shells – has landed! The clear transparent first edition of 50 sold out on pre-order – so don’t snooze on this! In case you need reminding why everyone’s buzzing about these NYC electro-punks, Lip Critic is an electronic punk band comprised of two drummers, two samplers, and vocals. The group formed in New York in 2018 and released an EP (Kill Lip Critic) as well as a myriad of singles throughout 2019. Lip Critic II” is the debut full length album from the group. The album follows the narrative of an alien abductee after they have been returned to earth, and being unable to readjust to normal life. “[It] crams nine tracks into 21 minutes of genre hybridity and maniacal mayhem. And make no mistake: this is intense and crazy shit, all going off in a boiler at once. The lazy hookline would be that the album’s first track, ‘Why Not’, sounds like The B52s on acid, but more accurately, it sounds like The B52s on acid and meth imitating a fictitious Dead Kennedys / obscure hip-hop collaboration for the Judgement Night soundtrack. At every turn, Lip Critic deliver mind bombs of every shape and form: sonically, stylistically, lyrically, Lip Critic II is simply an explosion.” (Aural Aggravation)

Kindred Spirits presents – ‘Unidentified Voice Objects’
Limited edition of 50. An unsettling eerie release from Aetheric Records head honcho Alistair Thaw, in his Kindred Spirits guise. Similar to 2019’s ‘Various Patients Hearing Voices’, this once again uses uncovered dialogue backdropped by chilling minimalist whirring drone and ambience, creating a compelling voyeuristic feeling. An unsettling glimpse into the often nightmarish world of psychoanalysis. FFO early Cabaret Voltaire, Throbbing Gristle and Mount Vernon Arts Lab.

Broken Candles – ‘Left With This Feeling’
Limited edition of 50. Recorded in a barn in Portugal, whilst he was living in a car, Luca Corda aka ‘Broken Candles’ cut his teeth playing in Manchester noise-rock bands such as Groves, before ditching the UK to work on a ranch in Canada. It was whilst there that he started working on solo acoustic material and Broken Candles was born. Relocating to Lisbon, on the back of a successful self-released EP, Luca started work on his debut album, which became ‘Left With This Feeling’. A poignant introspective work, reminiscent of Red House Painters, Elliot Smith and other great artists who plough the slowcore furrow.

Heat Death Of The Sun – ‘Drinking Oil From The Black Fountain’
Limited edition of 50. Recorded live, straight from the desk, at The Cluny (Newcastle, UK) on 1 May 2019, Tynesider Eugene Davies’ has created a beguling hypnotic work of electro-post-rock, with instrumentation ranging from guitars to violins, chiming alongside primitive sub-bass rumblings and percussion, transporting the listening to distant lands in the far reaches of the mind.


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