Cruel Nature

Lovely Wife – ‘Best In Show’
Limited edition 60 copies. LOVELY WIFE are a sludgey noise rock and/or doom duo from Whitley Bay/Newcastle Upon Tyne (UK), centred around vocals, bass and featuring a revolving cast of drummers and additional miscreants. Performing entirely improvised material that slides easily from depth charge doom, to noise rock madness, with influences ranging from Eagle Twin, The Melvins, and Iron Monkey through to Lightning Bolt, Fossils and The Butthole Surfers. For ‘Best In Show’ the band have enlisted the talents of Rob Woodcock (Fret!, Marzuraan, Tide Of Iron et al) and stripped back from their previous two releases to a trio; as well as trimming the lengthy long form jams into (mostly) more compact bass heavy slabs. Ranging from the lurch of ’Ioniser’ to the short sharp shock of ‘Shenanigans’. The release is very much representative of the current live set up and also makes use of bugle (Watts) and a contact mic’d exercise ball (Garrick) that have featured prominently in recent shows.

Salisman & His Blessed Eunuchs – ‘Absolution’
Limited edition 40 copies. Two Chicago miscreants – poisoned by black market memory pills – slip into comas to awaken six months later, transplanted to Newcastle, UK. They disappear into the grimy pedal steel underground, hesitant to draw attention to themselves. Their conspirator: a local electrician churning their melodies into surreal fever dreams. Minimal fragments, words, and images emerge from their unconscious half-year. Field recordings harness the desperation of birds. There is no off-ramp or rope.


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