Max Zuckerman – ‘The Corner Office’
Finally, a record that will speak to the CEOs, investment bankers, consolidated retail, and corporate interests. Enough with all the songs about the “poor little guy living on the margins of society” already – this one is for the proud winners at the top of the food chain! Max Zuckerman (Blue Jazz TV, LLC) has set to level the scales. Imagine a beautiful life spent in pursuit of pleasure and wealth; rich synth tones, golden hooks, lush choruses, reverbs of the likes you can only find in the finest of bath houses. “The Corner Office” describes the many characters that traverse the top echelons of our society. Influenced by the sounds of Japanese City Pop and 80’s boogie, “The Corner Office” aspires to the high production values of that golden age of budget-less studio recording. With some smooth saxophone help from record executive and CEO, David ‘Fingers’ Lackner, the songs challenge the listener to just accept their lowly place in society, trickle down a suntory hi-ball, and shake a leg!


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