Glands of External Secretion – ‘Spicy Your Life’
A huge ursine pleasure to have Glands of External Secretion darken our door with 30 minutes of puddle-brain brilliance. The dreamscape explodes in every direction and the walls are splattered with shimmering sonic sunshine – a life-altering walkabout in the outback of the unconscious – expect messages from within to go straight to answerphone for the foreseeable. You’re on borrowed time. Describe it in a single word? sonic spongiform. C30 with day-glo MEXICO artwork by SG.

Odie Ji Ghast – ‘Give2Your Other… Hand’
AKA Greta Buitkute. Spoken word, spoken screech, spoken rattle – ripped off, ripped apart and re-assembled in undulating collision of blissful disorientation. Rhythms may come and rhythms may go, but we’ll always have Pott Shriggley as they say up our end. Messages from beyond creeping through the shattered wireless – engage your fifth eye and relax into the madness for once in your sodding lyf. C30 with “wood chip” artwork. All in all, a bloody good tape (and that’s swearing).

Yoni Silver – ‘Nethertongue’
Brass Challenger! Yoni Silver descends on the muddy cave with gifts of bright light and/or sonic collage. Side A rolls and warbles through the harmonic garden with its eyes firmly shut! Strange forms of life littering the landscape, while side B finds us back in Panic Town Upon Thames, edging passed the haunted workshop – a grinding growl relaxes into a symphony of whelps and wails before the grip is tightened one final time… CHEWY! Yoni shows off his broken beauty on the regz, find out when next here – Yoni plays bass clarinet, alto sax, violin and his own vocal folds. Clear tape with artwork by YS.


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