Invisible City Records

ICR49 Breather/Death Register C50 £5
A long time in the making, this collaboration see a side each from both Breather and Death Register. The first time outing on ICR for Breather and second time for Death Register (see ICR3) gives us a mix of subtle, detached field recordings hidden among lengths of sharp electronic swarms and gentle, engrossing ambience. Art by Caro Mikalef, Cabina. Mastering by Stephan Mathieu, Schwebung Mastering. C50 limited to 50 copies.

ICR48 Ivy Nostrum – Self Own’ C50 £5
Second outing for Paul Margree (We Need No Swords) under the Ivy Nostrum moniker. Uneasy states of listening verging from deep, haunting drones to the delicate and nuanced exploration of daily minutiae. Mastered by Phil Julian. Cover by Laurie Hill. C50 limited to 50 copies.


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