Natalie Rose LeBrecht – ‘Mandarava Rose’ CS
Mandarava Rose, Natalie Rose LeBrecht’s first album since 2010, is the culmination of a decade spent focused on meditation and explorations of inner space. In 2016, she began studying hypnosis and started mentally traveling to what she calls “extraordinary interdimensional spheres”, which she felt compelled to channel through her music. Balancing a full-time job with manifesting a new creative vision meant waking up before the crack of dawn to practice the piano and work on compositions. It took her over a year working in this way to bring Mandarava Rose to life. To help broaden the music, LeBrecht brought on two instrumental collaborators: David Lackner, who co-created the woodwind arrangements, performed them on the recordings, and helped participate in the mixing process; and Martin Bisi who co-produced, co-recorded, engineered and co-mixed the album.


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