Das Synthetische Mischgewebe – ‘Zwischenmenschen’ C57 8€
Das Synthetische Mischgewebe (AKA DSM), founded by Guido Huebner in the early 80’s, in Berlin. All these years DSM They worked in many different forms of artistic expressions using custom made instruments, primitive / hacked electronics, mixed with media. They inspired from the rise of the cassette culture movement and the sound of industrial and avant-garde music of that period, creating sounds from complex sound installations. ‘Zwischenmenschen’ is a fictive, speculative Mix made of recordings of concerts in Germany in 2018 and selected home recordings from prior rehearsals and tests done in Rennes and Berlin. Besides dynamic processing and equalisation the recordings used have been mixed together unaltered. DSM uses self build, mechanic, motor driven assemblages, mixing desks, piezo- and other type of microphones and pick-ups and uses Equalisation pedals to balance Jack and XLR inputs to an equal signal level.

Ross Manning – ‘Te t on ti computer’ C43 8€
Ross Manning is a contemporary new media artist from Brisbane, Australia. He focus on alive instrument practises, kinetic and sound composition. His sound works has published on moremars, Room40, vitrine, Chemical Imbalance and Greedy Ventilator. In both sides of his “te t on on ti computer” release, he present us two different aspects of his musical direction. The first side is a montage, with a big variety of distorted sounds and pure tones, that reproduced by his custom-made instruments and electronic sources. On the second side, there is a long composition made by his self-made string panels, that they produce rhythmic patterns, that are changing form through the kinetic energy.


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