Cruel Nature

TAKAHIRO MUKAI – ‘Paraponera Clavata’
With this his 41st release since his debut in 2014, there’s no denying that Osaka based synthesist Takahiro Mukai is prolific. On this – his debut for CN – Mukai pushes the boundaries of glitchy abstract techno with skittering fragmented rhythms and acidic modulations that bite and sting. A bit like the giant New World ant that inspires the album title and adorns it’s cover. Limited edition of 50.

COMICIDE – ‘Moral Improvement live 1984CE’
COMICIDE were Stephen Ãh Burroughs and Eric Jurenovskis pre- Head of David. A short lived project totaling two live performances and four tracks ( heard on this tape ). One recording includes vocals the other not. The appearances were as support to the legendary power-electronics act, CON-DOM at the Star Club, Birmingham, a socialist establishment and Eve Hill Afro-Caribbean Club in Dudley, two typically enterprising venues arranged by Mike Dando (CON-DOM). The signs of HoD were there, spot the riff which appeared on a later HoD track. The recordings are raw, very much complimenting the magickal and political anarchy of the era. Limited edition of 60.


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