Adrian Knight – ‘Vacation Man’
Vacation Man is the 5th solo record by Adrian Knight (Blue Jazz TV, Synthetic Love Dream, Private Elevators). A surrealist trip around the imagination, with Tom Henry’s album art serving up visual commentary: a hospital waiting room with visions of outer space, and of course a life size tropical beach scenic. What is it all about? If you’ve heard any of his previous releases you know Knight is a one of a kind songwriter and arranger. If you have not, you are missing out, and this is perfect place to start! Put on your seat belts! Playing most of the instruments himself, the songs take on a hi-fi, hi-gloss sheen that has come to be the signature sound of the “Skymall Studio”. Recent releases from Skymall, produced by Adrian, include On the Prowl Again, Gotta Have It! by Purelle, and The New Age by Nick Stevens. Vacation Man features Knight’s stacks of vocals, bass (Swedish Strut™), plucky guitar work, and of course a buffet of synthesizers. With a little help from his friends: drummer Mike Advensky (Blue Jazz TV), additional vocals from Alice Cohen (The Vels, Die Monster Die, Old English Spelling Bee), sax and flute from David Lackner, and a trombone cameo by Nick Stevens. Vacation Man is an all expenses paid trip starting in the “data room”, continuing through the cosmos, perfect beaches, quick stop at the “playpen”, love found and lost, and all that life has to offer. Then again, maybe it’s just a hospital waiting room, and soon enough, you too will be joining the cosmos…


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