Hasana Editions

XVIII-III Julian Abraham – ‘Togar’ C60 $9
Julian Abraham is a multidicipline artist and pseudo-scientist from Medan, Indonesia. Recently resided in Yogyakarta, his works are often identified by using terms like generative, manipulations, and dematerialisations. His installation works vary from bacterial fermentation to complex algorithm of electronics, which connect art, environment, science, and technology as new tools to engage and educate both the artist and the society. In this edition, he provides rhythmic reenactment of his recent sound installations. Served to accommodate sonic phenomena and the sound sources, these works represent a hybrid method in a series of sound compositions, which take over the role of the musician, by bridging the physical activity in aural productions. Executed into two different materials: a various selection of percussion instruments that deliver organic impression, and a bunch of magnetic solenoids which construct a tighter mechanical sensation, Acoustic Analog Digitally Composed illustrates how simplicity (or complexity?) of repetition can trigger imaginative experiences in tracing the formal aspects of sound. Edition of 100. Hand-stamped pro-dubbed C60 NAC cassette tape with recto/verso printed silver card. Including download code of high quality mp3 version.

XVIII-IV Nursalim Yadi Anugerah – ‘Selected Pieces from HNNUNG’ C52 $9
Often inspired by the cosmology, sonology, and culture of indigenous people from Borneo, Nursalim Yadi Anugerah is a Pontianak based composer well-known for his peculiar approach on instrumentation and composition. Adapted from Kayaan people oral literature Takna’ Lawe’, HNNUNG is a chamber opera that amplifies the cosmic dramaturgy of Kayaan culture—in which the narrative of matriarchy is essential. HNNUNG the opera was performed by Balaan Tumaan Ensemble and Kerubim Choir using various instruments ranging from kaldii’ and sape’ to tenor saxophone and contrabass. For this edition, he selects nine recording pieces from his opera HNNUNG in the form of sonic-fiction—he lets his composition works as a narrator. Edition of 100. Hand-stamped pro-dubbed C52 NAC cassette tape with recto/verso printed golden card. Including download code of high quality mp3 version.


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