L.White Records

LW097 THIRDORGAN – ‘K.F.C. (Komposition For Chimera)’ CD 11€
Finally, after 15 years again on L.White Records, Japan’s old school industrial noise band THIRDORGAN presents his new work with a limited CD edition of 100 copies. K.F.C. (Composition For Chimera) impresses with about 70 minutes of finest experimental harsh industrial noise. The masterpiece was mastered by none other than Tommi Keränen.

Much less silent but just as deadly on the 101st anniversary of the first use of GELBREUZ (dichlorodiethylsulfide), comes a compilation of 32 bands with only harsh noise or harsh-wall-noise. Rich 145 minutes of the hardest musical material would have caused horror in the war trenches of the world at the same volume even 101 years ago. No track is longer than 5 minutes and therefore quite varied. OTOMO HAVA, ARMENIA, IRUKANDJI, MICHAEL IDEHALL, TORTURING NURSE, PAINFUL VIGIL, LIGHT COLLAPSE, VIDINĖ RAMYBĖ, CUTCUTCUTCUT, Antisocial Block, VOMIR, RIM PEST, Bolverkstorm, URGE TO KILL, TABQURIA, MACRONYMPHA, MENY, NERVOUS CORPS, MSHING, Gen 26, DEAD BODY COLLECTION, STOA, STITCH, Clive Henry, DEFEKTRO, A.R.GH, TERMINAL ERECTION, CARSTEN VOLLMER, LAST RAPE, KADAVER, AUDIBLE PAIN, BASTARD NOISE

LW106 KADAVER – ‘Ain’t Love Grand’ CD 11€
Kadaver is most likely the most extreme musical act in the middle east, focusing on harsh noise,death industrial and power electronics. For roughly a decade and a half now, Israeli based Michael Zolotov, has been releasing some of the most vile and disturbing “audio-terror” out there under the Kadaver banner. “Ain’t love grand?”, his new weapon, is just that. Harsh, personal, cold and bleak. Music for your end. 2018 – CD format.

LW107 COAGULANT – ‘Burial Cult’ CD 11€
COAGULANT- Burial Cult 66 minutes of pure slow harsh / drone. Tension enclosed in anti- ambient circle. The listener will be involved in this totemic practice, and wrapped in this ancient ritualism with a strong symbolic value. Good Listening.


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