Nick Stevens – ‘The New Age’
Riding in on his brand new neon pony, hi-fi bedroom cowboy, Nick Stevens comes to the big city to team up with producer and multi-instrumentalist Adrian Knight of Blue Jazz TV for a new sound in country and western. After hearing Knight’s “Pictures of Lindsey”, brimming with excitement, he tracked down Adrian at Skymall Studios with some bare bone demos. The two connected on their mutual love of synthesizers, Leonard Cohen, and chanterelle mushrooms. They signed a 4 year contract and NDA with Galtta and instantly got to work. Brushing out that old whiskey patina, the clean sound of drum machines and saxophones reveals a world of dormant feelings and stories about isolation, missed connections, and regrets. Alice Cohen, legendary performer and songwriter, joins the duo and lends her voice on four tracks, including “Easy To Hold,” a love song accented by expensive reverbs, synth bells, funky bass, and cheap percussion your sister brought you back from her trip to Costa Rica. A lone wanderer’s journey, ”The New Age” canters through dark alley ways and sunny 85° vacation landscapes. Hang up the old leather and lace for a freshly pressed Italian silk (high thread count) and Capezios. Pop a Zanny and kick up your feet — your flight is now taking off into the sunset!


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