Philip Corner – ‘Piano Activitys Workplays’ CS 7E
Piano Activities score is one of the most iconic pieces of Fluxus and sonic art history, but also a positive work of transformation. All these years, Philip Corner never stop to expand the possibilities of that work, documented in various of releases, not only as a possibility of destruction art, but also as a form of experimentation. Piano Activitys Workplays is including four live recording based on four different workshops, that Philip Corner did with students, in various places in Europe. The pianos are not destroyed … “I think its time that people know this about that piece” Philip Corner … Piano Activitys Workplays is released in 100 cassettes, including 76 min of music and a text written from Philip Corner explaining the story of the score.

Lionel Marchetti – ‘Chasser (1ere etude naturelle)’ C45 7E
Lionel Marchetti (1967) is a notable French electroacoustic improviser and musique concrète composer, visual-sound artist, a writer and a poet. Chasser (2012) contains his “first natural study” Volet in three parts. Natural landscape recordings were used as the main sound source, manipulated and mixed with electronic sounds, piano tunes and poetry. “Chasser” is released as a limited number of 80 red coloured cassettes.


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