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Ptheven Universe CS $4
”Ptheven” was recognized as a dog meme a year or two ago. Slowly forgotten in a sea of useless information… then resurrected as a post-mallsoft band. Ptheven Universe sounds like a misspelling of a cartoon show everybody watches. It’s not. It’s the actual pronunciation (Com Truise anyone?). Internet artist Pilleater has been misunderstood for almost a decade. His humble beginnings start with in 2009, where he was responsible for creating and forcing the later know internet meme “Mr.Krabs” (his YTMND sites have been featured on the Youtube channel Know Your Meme). Pilleater has since dedicated his spare time becoming a master troll. Last year, he started the controversial alt-right inspired website “,” which confronts the alt-right with a serious and philosophical question about ethnonationalism and the fall of liberalism. “Where should all the weebs go with their anime/asian waifus?” To this day, Pilleater gets daily hate mail by both the far-right AND the far-left. Both ends of the horseshoe have never been so burthurt. But Pilleater is also an amazing musician and producer who started playing chiptune when he was 16 (he produced a forgotten 7inch during his teen years). He has created a new post-vaporwave genre which he calls “poserwave.” Vaporwave has taken over the past decade as the main influential genre of the teen years. The genre has became the equivalent of middle school kids wearing Led Zeppelin and AC/DC t-shirts to impress their close peers. So why not embrace that factor? Why not recreated Floral Shoppe and Eccojams again? The debut album of Ptheven Universe is those two things together. These 12 tracks had original names, but you have to ask Pilleater what they actually were. Rather, what is presented is the tracks “written in marker” on the demo tape. The tracks were produced in Reason 9.5. ReCycle was used to create synchronization among the mess. Samples come from cliche video games millennials grew up with to obscure Japanese commercials found on YouTube. Pilleater made one track sleeping over a girlfriends house (can you guess which one?). Music creation is just him and his computer. Think the same way any anonymous 4chan user would approach dank meme creation. Both “III” and “fuck off melissa” feature vocals akin to Nivek Ogre. “I wanted to create an album that mixes the twee universe of Steven along with the dark and violent world of Skinny Puppy,” Pilleater wrote on his Twitter. Other tracks like “VII” and “h o l d me b a b y” keep up with the vaportrap trend and “IV” pays tribute to the classic trip-hop sound of the 2000s. “It really is three albums mixed into one. This album has already been posted somewhere on bandcamp unconsciously. That’s what makes this album both unoriginal and truly original.” The self-titled debut of “Ptheven Universe” is housed in a double-sided J-card with art produced by the amazing Aaron Silao and mastered by zactiessen (look them up on Fiverr). Each copy is sealed, brand new, with a red/gold glitter cassette matching the artwork. The most promising 44 minutes that will change the vaporwave genre yet again.


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