Death Boutique

NEONDEMON -‘Six Songs’
Five years before Nicolas Winding Refn’s film of the same name there was the protean electronic music of NEONDEMON. ‘Pickman’s’, their debut track, featured the frantic, delirious bass lines and gritty, propulsive percussion that would form the heart of their sound. It is this style which features strongly on the three tracks that make up Side A. Complementary to this sound was a free-wheeling exploration into a range of styles hinted at in their core work. Side B features three of their more intrepid sonic adventures. From the cinematic, modular feel of ‘Bass Point’, to the robotic pulsations of ‘Orchids’, their fearless approach opens up vast atmospheres only briefly explored on Side A. The set finishes with the seething raga noir of ‘The Pink City’, a lurching homage to travels in the Indian city of Jaipur. Dirty sitar flourishes and backmasked rhythms conspire to create one of the highlights of this collection. Pro-dubbed cassette tape on pink shells. Limited edition pressing of 49.


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