[tzpCS52] flf
analog rituals. disenchanted crooning. feedbacks & back flips. black cathedrals incantations. 1/2 point invisible.

[tzpCS53] psychick witch – ‘desolation’
because new-zeland will always be lofi. 4-tracks & dead rock instrumentarium. every single VUmeter in the red. anything i could add would be superfluous.

[tzpCS54] dmz – ‘recto veto’
new gold-plated cassette. one more step in their private workshop universe. 600 electronic tools, 1 microphone and one pair of scissors. the band is also known as “a damn factory of experimental hits”.

[tzpCS55] hasna ihlan/patafian
side a : hasna ilhan. world premiere. discreet synthetic duet. cinema for the inside eyes. included : 1/3 of dmz. side b : patafian. world premiere. wild electricity trio. an never-ending tribute to virtual poland. included : another 1/3 of dmz, 1/1 zaraz wam zagram.


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