Synthetic Love Dream – ‘The Royal Scotsman’ CS/CD
“The Royal Scotsman” imagines Scientology founder L Ron Hubbard during his seafaring days, drinking rum & cokes and smoking cigarettes on the forward deck of his ship, the Apollo (originally HMS Royal Scotsman), feverishly writing decrees and memos and throwing devout followers overboard to “purify” them. The piece includes a field recording of ocean surf taken at Belleair Beach, FL, the very same waters that the enterprising crew would have traversed in search of a new home after a decade out at sea. “On This Day” features legendary soul and r&b singer Billy G Robinson (BT Express, Apollo Theater), Genevieve Kammel-Morris (Lauds) on viola, and Mike Advenski on percussion. The B- section transitions into an extended song form with Billy G. taking the lead. These performances were recorded by Adrian Knight in December 2014 at his then residence on Lefferts Ave. in Brooklyn. Making use of the big, open living room and Steinway L baby grand, both compositions were multitracked live with minimal editing and only a few carefully planned overdubs.


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