Monorail Trespassing

[mt112cs] Torba – ‘Laavg Drjòt’ C20
Torba is Mauro Diciocia, an Italian soundworker based in Berlin. As with fellow countrymen Lettera 22, elements of musique concrete, noise composition and electro-acoustic tape music are fused to create something which feels like a truly living, breathing organism of physical and intellectual sound, constantly active and engaging. Edition of 100, with artwork by Luca Vinciguerra (A Dear Girl Called Wendy).

[mt113cs] Gene Pick – ‘Adhesion Coefficient’ C31
The sound of electronic circuits pushed to the brink and gasping for life. All systems at capacity. Patterns of white noise, mixer feedback, fuzz and sine waves blast in, hover and return in a new context, creating palpable anxiety and tension throughout. Contrarian modular synthesis; actually using the instrument for a strict, specific purpose. Edition of 100, with full color photography by Autumn Casey.


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