Gamma Mine

Eden Grey – ‘Apocalypse’ CS £7
Gamma Mine returns in 2017 with “Apocalypse”, a 56 minute piece from electronic artist and composer, Eden Grey. Recorded during Grey’s November 2016 residency at the Elektronmusik Studion of Stockholm, Sweden, “Apocalypse” is the soundtrack of an all-too-possible future. Her expert use of the Serge Modular Synthesis system conjures dense atmospheres of decaying sirens, deathly howls and wailing voices. Eden Grey, A.K.A. Chelsea Bruno, is a Miami-born, London-based composer and performer of experimental electronic music. Whilst originally classically trained in piano, she took to producing electronically in 2004. Around a decade later, Grey immersed herself within the realm of experimental music whilst studying for her Masters’ degree at Florida International University. She has since written several publications, including “An Artist’s Approach to the Modular Synthesizer”, written in conjunction with her PhD research at Royal Holloway, University of London. Outside of academia, Grey frequently performs across Europe, improvising with her own Eurorack modular synthesizer. She also organises the regular CV Freqs meetings in London. Furthering her research activities at EMS, Stockholm, the recording of “Apocalypse” brings together her flair for spontaneous composition with a passion of deep textural soundscapes. With head-nods to Throbbing Gristle, the BBC’s Radiophonic Workshop, and even early recordings by The Human League, “Apocalypse” leads the listener through the blast patter into a nuclear winter, eventually fading abruptly in the famine.


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